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Monday, November 06, 2006

What gives man dishonour?


Eid Mubarak to you! Sorry i haven't updated my blog in a while, I have been busy with Studies and Eid.

Below is a Sohbet by Mevlana Sheikh Nazim al Haqqani

Enjoy! :)


The Imam of the Naqshbandi Tariqah, Shah Naqshband, was asking the prophet an important question. This news is from our Grandsheikh. He was present and has permission for speaking. "Oh my Prophet, can you tell me about a characteristic that makes people dishonourable?" Every man has been honoured by his Lord. No one can find without honour, women, men, little boys, street cleaners, everyone is honoured the same. You may loose or keep this honour for yourself, but you must keep respect for the honour of everyone. You must not look at their titles, stars on their shoulders or their clothes. The sons of Adam are honoured by their Lord. This is reality, but some actions make people dishonourable. Shah Naqshband was asking which kind of actions. The Prophet said: “Oh Fard-ul-Arsh, you are not asking for yourself but for my nation. I am pleased with you and my nation will benefit. The first action is for a man to involve himself in things that are not his concern. (Ma-la-ya’in)” if you are not concerned, don’t look. This makes people dishonourable. So many people are in trouble from this characteristic; all troubles in the world are coming from this. Students are gathering, ‘that person down, that person up’. So many people are criticizing governments. Each should look after their job, farmers to plant, students to study. If you could do that job better, Allah would put you as president, don’t speak against governments, no need for this. For Russians, their president is suitable, for Americans, their president is suitable, each nation gets the ruler it deserves.

The Second action bringing dishonour is not to endure disliked things. Perhaps one person addresses you with the words you don’t like and you are offended. You must keep that anger in yourself, not showing i. if anger showing in the face, with hand or tongue, that anger makes people dishonourable. Anger is an adder, a strong poisonous snake like the cobra; if you are not careful, it will bite you and others. Anger first blows out the light of faith in your heart and then comes on your face. Keep one mirror with you, and when angry, look at your face. You will be frightened. Our Grandsheikh says, to show anger in the face or actions takes away faith from the heart. You can’t listen to your Lord or to Your Prophet. If a person dies angry, he will go to Hell.

Teachings of Mevlana Sheikh Abdullah Ed-Dagistani En-Naqshbandi


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