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Thursday, February 16, 2006



Whenever we direct our hearts towards our Lord Almighty we are immersed in inner peace, and when we turn away from Him we are stranded at the bottom of a deep and dark well seething with snakes, scorpions and spiders.

Grandsheikh (Dagestani) told me of a man who always felt aggravated by his surroundings who always felt as if people were disturbing his peace of mind. One day he got so fed up with the society of men that he decided to leave it behind and become a cave dwelling hermit. So he settled all of his affairs and retired to a remote mountainside. After searching for many days he finally found a cave suitable for his purposes, and occupied it, saying: "There is no one here and no one knows where I am. I am finally in peace."

Just as he was saying this to himself, someone passed in the valley below, looked up at the mountainside and noticed a very beautiful rock just near that cave. "I must have a piece of that colourful rock", he said to himself, began climbing the mountain and started chiseling away at the rock, tak! tak! tak!

At this the man in the cave became really exasperated and said: "Oh my Lord, I try to escape from people and You send me this! There are so many mountains, why did you have to send him to this one?

No one can escape discomfort in this life, as the Holy Prophet said, "There is no rest in this world." You may live in a city or a village, even on the side of a mountain - but all you will discover is that this life is made of unrest. We have been ordered to be patient in the face of this situation, for, "He who is patient ultimately succeeds". Allah sends us trails and burdens in accordance with our capacities, but every single person must carry some burden through this life. We will be asked to carry burdens in accordance with our faith-power. In our times believers will be loaded to their absolute capacities, as spiritually blind people have made sure to make the lives of believers as difficult as possible.

- Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Haqqani (taken from Mercy Oceans : Lovestreams)
Taken from: Naqshbandi-Australia


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