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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Poison for the body


Two people in the time of the Prophet s.w.a. came to him. Listen well-this is for us.

Those Sahaba came to the Prophets.w.a. in the morning with stomach-aches. They said “Ya Rasulallah, we cannot sleep.” Our stomachs are aching, and you are the best doctor. Give us a cure.

He said, “There is no cure except to vomit what you have eaten.” Today when you eat something and have a stomach-ache, your doctor will give you a pill. The Prophet s.w.a could have given them some prophetic medicine, but instead he said “No,” because for that kind of sickness there is no medicine-but the only thing you can do is to reject it completely and discard it, because it is poisonous for your system. Your whole system is going to be completely crippled by it-like these two companions who were unable to move.

Many diseases we have and that we think come from normal sickness actually are spiritual in nature. Diseases do not only come from normal sickness. They come back to us as manifestations of different bad manners and negative energy that we are spreading.

You see this room here? A lot of negative energy is here. Who is it coming from? From the people who are here. I am positive that at least 80% of the people here have sickness similar to these two companions who came to the Prophet s.w.a. The Prophet s.w.a. said, “You have to take it out;” you have to reject it completely. How do you remove this characteristic? There is no way to take it out! As soon as it goes to the stomach, it is going through the whole body.

A family is like one body. A community is like one body. A nation also is like one body. And now the globalization-the whole world is one body. So to improve our situation, we begin first with the family. If one part of the body is aching, the whole body will ache, and fever will come. For instance, if you have hay fever your whole body will ache. Prophet s.w.a. said, “Vomit now!” They said, “We did not eat anything” He said “No, you did eat raw flesh!” 80% of those sitting here are in the same position as those men, having eaten raw flesh. What is that raw meat? The flesh or your brothers and sisters whom you have been backbiting.

He said, “You have been backbiting the flesh of your brother and sister.” They said, “Yes, Ya Rasulallah (Messenger of Allah). We spoke badly about the family.” The relationship between those backbiting and the victim of that backbiting was not so good, so they were talking about them. How is it your business to do so? Who are you to speak about them? What is your relationship to interfere in their business?

Prophet s.w.a. said, “Reject it from your system.” So they took their fingers and vomited. Raw meat came out. Look at this miracle of Prophet s.w.a. He turned this event into a miracle, to give them the physical taste of their actions.

This is not a fictitious story. It is real. The Prophet made it real, to show them that this is a real issue in our life today. They vomited meat-vomiting, vomiting, and vomiting, and then when they were relaxed, Prophet s.w.a. said, “This is not to be repeated.”

Backbiting poisons the whole body. How much are we backbiting and poisoning our bodies today, interfering in things that are not our business? Your business is your wife and your child or children. For each of us, this business is to look after his own family, not to look at his neighbour.

Taken from “Keys to the divine Kingdom by Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani”


Blogger Jaunty Mellifluous said...

"Many diseases we have and that we think come from normal sickness actually are spiritual in nature. Diseases do not only come from normal sickness. They come back to us as manifestations of different bad manners and negative energy that we are spreading."

Where are you getting your facts from?

21 January 2010 at 05:20:00 GMT+11  

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